What is this blog for?

I have, in the past, tried blogging before. In all previous instances, my weblog has been about my opinions, or whatever I used to think was cool. This blog, however, is essentially for mathematics.

I have read on many occasions that keeping a record of any mathematics you do is very helpful (including this blog post by Terry Tao). Furthermore, I rarely have any reason to really sit and do mathematics consistently, a fact that means that when I’m on campus, I do anything but. My hope is that I would feel obliged to regularly update this blog, and hence do some math.

Plus, this can only help my ability to write mathematics, right?

In any case, I’ll mostly be doing three types of posts: expository, in which I rewrite some material I’ve been reading so that I can gauge my understanding; exploratory, where I take a mathematical topic or question and write down my thoughts on it before reading from the literature; and problem-solving, where I will first post a problem I’ve been trying, and, within a few days, my solution.

I do not, of course, expect any readers. But if you do happen to read this, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback through comments or email.

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